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New to plusnet be nice !


New to plusnet be nice !

lo all, just got myself activated at 2 megs and am a very happy chicken.

I'd like a nice little plusnet gif of jpeg for an e mail siggy if anyone has a nice one or knows where i can 'rip' one from ( with the owners permission) I am quite happy to advertise plusnet on a few E-mails. If they keep making money and providing me with cheep fast broadband I want to do my bit to keep them going Smiley

yours Mas
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New to plusnet be nice !

Hi and welcome to PlusNet.
There is which is at, which is what most of the staff that visit these forums have.


New to plusnet be nice !

Hi mas,

Welcome to Plus net and the forums.

Plus net operate a referral system where by you can use banners or email links to promote their products and earn a bit of money for yourself. This is where they get a lot of their business.

From the Member Centre on the left select About Referrals and read all about it.

Our company have made this system work very well for us.

Good luck with it. If you have any queries just let us know.
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New to plusnet be nice !

Welcome to the forums,

We'd prefer you didn't add a PlusNet image to your forum avatar as it can be confusing for other users, but you can add a similar signature to other users quite easily. This is generally done with coloured text rather than an image.