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New mobile phone


New mobile phone


I was thinking of getting a new mobile phone as my contract is running out soon.
The phone I am currently considering the is Sony-Ericsson P900, I was just wondering if anyone here has used this phone, and if so what they think of it.
Also I was wondering if anyone has a suggestion of an alternate phone. I really want one that has a camera (bluetooth, infa-red and a built in modem (for use with a laptop) would be good too) and generally as many features as possible, but I also want it to look good and be a bit different.

I'm not really too worried about the cost as the P900 is gonna cost about £250.

So any suggestions, please let me know.



New mobile phone

I've got a P900 and it's fantastic. Cheesy

Had a P800 before that and it was kinda annoying, but the 900 sorts all the little niggles and I'm happy with my personal tech for the first time in years. Oh apart from I haven't got an apple powerbook to go with it.......yet.... :twisted: has an excellent UIQ devices forum if you want more info. You need to register but it's free and They don't spam you or anything.

New mobile phone

Thanks for that.
I'm thinking I will probably go with the P900.

What were you saying about an Apple Powerbook? Does it not interface with PC's?
Also does it have any sort of built in E-mail facility or do you have to use some sort of webmail type thing?
Also how tough is the screen? I'm guessing it's quite delicate if it's touch sensative.

New mobile phone

All the connection software is PC only, but Bluetooth on PC's can be a bit crap. iSync on OSX is fantastic. Also there's some great software that allows you control a mac from your phone.

But most of all........ just look at them... that's tech lust if ever.

The built in mail client and web browser are fine. I don't do too well with the handwriting recognition, but loads of text input isn't really important to me anyway.

I don;t use a screen protector and I'm not particularly carefull with it, so far I've had no problems with the screen and I've had it about two and a half months now. It tends to get a bit grubby, I use a fingertip rather than the stylus most of the time, and there's a tendancy for dust to build up round the edges of the screen which can be a bit tricky to clean, but apart from that it's cool.

New mobile phone

True they do look very nice.
Also the price (with current exchange rate) puts them at about what I paid for my laptop recently.

However, I'm used to working with PC's and I do like my games (although most of them have Mac ports) so I don't think I'll be getting one, yet.

But then once upon a time I think I remember saying the same thing about a mobile phone!!

New mobile phone

All the sync stuff is fine provided you've got office patched, I'm sure you'll be very pleased with the P900 whatever you use it with.

all the best