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New Virus Warning!


New Virus Warning!

I have just received a warning of a new virus from Message Labs and wanted to share this information with others, details below:-

W32/Bagle-mm spreading rapidly

During 18th and 19th January 2004, MessageLabs, the email security company, intercepted a significant number of copies of a new virus known as W32/Bagle-mm. The majority of intercepted copies have been sent from Australia.

Name: W32/Bagle-mm
Number of copies intercepted so far: 45,000
Time & Date first Captured: 18th Jan 2004, 11.36 GMT
Origin of first intercepted copy: Germany


The worm arrives as an attachment to an email and has a random filename, with a .exe extension.

W32/Bagle-mm searches the infected machine for email addresses and then uses its own SMTP engine to send itself to the addresses found.

Email Characteristics

Subject: Hi
Text: Test =)
<random chars>
Test, yep.

Attachment: <Random characters>.exe
Size: 15 kilobytes

Best Regards

New Virus Warning!

I first experienced interception of W32.beagle.A@M (note the spelling) last week
Providing your virus definitions are always up-to-date such virii should never be a problem, and should be in use if you are ever OnLine

As for the Message Labs news, I find it rather too long and have attempted to unsubscribe in the past...

New Virus Warning!

So, the Beagle has landed after all!