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New T & C's


New T & C's

is it just me or what.
Having gone broadband this year ( tho' a customer of F9 for several years ), i remember well the comments in the early days of F9 braodband provision, that users on dial up services were were being deliberatly igored to force them to move to broadband.
Is the same thin happening to ASDL connect lite users like me.
Why is it only us who get cut off after one hr? :x
Is F9 attempting to force us to consider upgrading to prevent this? Evil
Plus whats this about time limits allowed per week?
Not there when I signed up. ( download amounts yes, but NOT time limits.

Am i the only cynical SOB out here or do i totally misunderstand the new T&C's ? :? :?
Do these changes merit refferral to the Office of Fair Trading ?Huh

New T & C's

No, I don't think you're the only cynical SOb out there at all. I've just come back from holiday to find the new T&C's email. I don't like the thought of having to login after 30mins of idle time at all. Its not what I signed up to premier for.
To confuse the hell out of their customers I have seen a post in a forum that said the new Time out T&C's don't apply to premier customers but I'm buggered if I can find it again!

I shall be seeking clarity from F9 on this as another post also said that F9 were emailing this new T7 C's to every customer because at least one part of the new T&C's will apply to each customer. What they forgot to say was which piece applied to which customer...... very thoughtful of them - not! :?javascript:emoticon(':?')

New T & C's

The email I got from f9 was quite clear about which customers the idle timeout would be affecting.... is your email different or did you only skip read?

here is the relevant cutting:

We have also made a number of changes to the Acceptable Use Policy. The changes mean that we can continue to provide our customers with an excellent quality broadband experience, particularly during peak hours.

- Introduction of 'idle time-outs' for Broadband Plus and ADSL Home Surf customers only. This means that we will disconnect any sessions that are inactive for a period of thirty minutes. As long as your connection is in active use, you will not be disconnected. If you are disconnected you will be able to reconnect straight away. Please note that idle-timeouts will not be implemented on Premier, Pay As You go or Business accounts.
- Introduction of traffic prioritisation techniques to all broadband accounts. This will ensure that we can continue to deliver an excellent and consistent service, particularly at peak times, for customers using time-sensitive applications such as VoIP, email, web browsing and gaming.

It's quite clear that Premier customers are not affected by idle timeouts, however premier is affected by the new traffic shaping (polite word for throttling down or bandwidth limiting us).