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New CGI Platform

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Community Gaffer
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New CGI Platform


We are pleased to announce that the new CGI platform is now live.

When existing users of the CGI service first visit the CGI control panel in the portal membercentre, it will be in the status 'not activated'. This is because the portal page has changed to represent the status of the new CGI service. The account on the old platform is still live, allowing access to data so it can be moved across to the new platform.

To activate your account on the new platform, simply press the button on the CGI control panel page. You will receive an email shortly after confirming the creation of your new account. Activating your account on the new platform does not automatically move or deactivate your old service or move data between the two platforms.

We are not automatically moving existing CGI accounts because the new, improved platform may require you to adapt some scripts and permissions in order for your applications to run correctly. We will run the old and the new platforms in parallel for a period of 90 days to enable you to safely move, adapt and test your data and applications on the new platform.

You should:-

* Continue to back up your files locally for disaster recovery.
* Move and test your data on the new platform.
* Once successfully running, remove your files from the old platform.
* Remember to point your domain names to the new service via the portal domain tool.

Do NOT:-

* Turn off your SQL – This is a separate service and not affected by the platform change.
* Remove your data from the old platform - until you are satisfied the migration of your data to the new platform has been successful.

For more detailed information, please see the FAQs:-

For our CGI discussion forum, login to:-

Kind Regards,

Bob Pullen
Plusnet Products Team
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