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Neverplayed a game - until..


Neverplayed a game - until..

I have tried a number of games, and they all bored me, all that wham, bam zap, this key, that key, fast reactions needed - until I was pointed here to Mystery of Time and Space.

Great, a puzzle really, and only the mouse need with no time restrictions, suited me being an old codger.

Question is where can I find more of the same ilk, any recommendations please?
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Neverplayed a game - until..

Can you escape the Crimson room?

And when you do try the follow-up The Viridian Room

A simpler game with the same theme: world of Samorost

And one to improve your angles: Laser Game.

And for those who are wondering what towill is on about...: Mystery of Time and Space - MOTAS

Note: this thread is probably better in the Games forum - where you will find the above links in various threads in the past.