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Networking and ADSL


Networking and ADSL

I doubt if this is a new problem but help will be appreciated/

I have the Solwise ADSL ,ode, linked to a hub and then to my desktop computer. Thsi works great.

On the same netwrok I have other computers including from time to time my notebook. How do I connect these to the internet please.

I have checked the network is OK and I have different adresses for the computers but the notebook just does not see the ADSL link.

Any help will be much appreciated.



Networking and ADSL

There are four things which matter:[list=1]
  • The addresses you assign to the other computers must be addresses in the same network (or subnet) as the first computer, but using different host numbers.

  • An appropriate value must be used for the subnet mask (use the same value as you have on the first PC).

  • The default route (sometimes called "default gateway") must be correct -- the "LAN" IP address of your router. Again, use the same value as you have on your first PC.

  • DNS addresses must be correct -- you could code and Or, use the values used by the first PC.
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    Networking and ADSL


    Thanks for this advice.

    I thought I had followed this as it seemed the right way from the instructions. However I may have got it wrong and so will do a detail recheck this evening.

    Networking and ADSL

    I have this setup as well with various computers running Windows 9.x XP/W2K/W2K3 and Linux all without problems.

    I have configured the SAR-110 as a DHCP server and ensured that most systems use DHCP for addresses - although I have static addresses assigned for a server and a wireless access point. (I allocated something like to to the DHCP scope - the Solwise SAR-110 uses a network address of subnet by default with it's IP address set as, which you should set as the default gateway for the DHCP scope).

    On Windows 2000/XP/2003 you should use 'ipconfig /all' from a command prompt to view the computer's IP configuration, whilst for Windows 9x you should use 'winipcfg'.

    Hope that helps.


    Networking and ADSL

    Helped by these replies, for which many thanks, I got it going quite easily.

    For soem reason I had an extra network connection defined on the notebook computer and that seemed to mess everyhting up. I simple disabled it and we were away.

    Thanks for the help guys.