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Netgear Dm602 and Belkin router


Netgear Dm602 and Belkin router

Hi all,

I have just signed up to an ADSL package with F9, which is great after many years of using a dialup.

I have got a Netgear 602 Modem and Belkin wireless router. The only way i seem to be able to setup these is to have both running as routers.

I know i havent given much information but should i be bale ro run the netgear in modem mode rather than router.

If the answer is yes i will keep trying.



Netgear Dm602 and Belkin router

I don't have a DM602, but as far as I'm aware, you have a choice of "Modem mode" or "Router mode", and if you put it in "Modem mode", then it uses its USB connection rather than its Ethernet one.

I think what you're after is what I'd call a "bridging" mode, where the DM602 is operating at the Ethernet layer (based on MAC addresses) rather than the IP layer (based on IP addresses). I've no idea if the DM602 offers such a mode.