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Netgear DG814 & MS WebProxy


Netgear DG814 & MS WebProxy

I have got a network setup that uses WebProxy to serve the 20 or so client PCs the ADSL bandwidth out.

Weve got a Netgear router and symantec hardware firewall running.

I am tryin gto get access on the client PCs to things like Yahoo games/IRC etc.

I have tried following the guides pointed out for MIRC port forwarding etc and that doesnt seem to work.

I had the problem prior to ADSL and the router so I think its all with te Web PRoxy.

Any Ideas?


What ports are you forwarding? and on what device

Web Proxying

Without knowing all the finer details the thing that does come to mind from past experience with products like MS Proxy server 2.0 (Yes! its abit outdated now by ISA server on win2K) have you checked the help files or documentation to ensure that services like games (yahoo games) & IRC are allowed by the product. I just wonder if they are blocked or highly restricted for security reasons. Like I say I have no indepth knowledge of the product you are using, I'm just asking the question in case all your efforts at port forwarding are a waste of time from day 1.