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Nedstat/ Webstats4u underhand dealings


Nedstat/ Webstats4u underhand dealings

I have used Nedstat tracking on my sites for years and have found it to be a great help in finding out detailed information about my site's visitors. Recently Nedstat has undergone a site revamp and then it was changed totally to Webstats4u. In this transitional period, I noticed Explorer giving me messages about pop ups it had blocked whilst visiting my page for the first time on any given day. I have searched the code from my page to no avail and was becoming more and more frustrated.

I allowed pop ups today and found an ad from, something I have never agreed to and can't find any reference to the pop up in the terms and conditions. A quick Google confirmed to me that it must be some rogue javascript in my page causing the problem, lo and behold it was the Nedstat code!!

I have since removed this code and hopefully when the page is loaded tomorrow, the offending pop up will no longer be there.

It just goes to show. It doesn't matter how innocuous the little piece of javascript you place in your code is, you do not know what it is there to do!!