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Natwest Customers Should Read

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Natwest Customers Should Read

Earlier today I checked my balance and noticed it was approx £5.00 less than it should be. When I got home I proceeded to ring natwest who (eventually) admitted that there had been a problem with "switch" transactions over the weekend and the money would be back in my account by midday tommorrow.

It therefore maybe a good Idea to check your balance and check any discrepancies in it are rectified by tommorow to ensure you are not left out of pocket without realising.

For those on accounts without switch (or maestro as it is now called) but with a debit card I presume this still applies as on my account it is not possible to have a switch (maestro) facility for use in the uk only solo and maestro for use abroad.

just a warning that I hope some will find useful!

Edit: Forgot to add I gained a mini statement showing a transaction for £5.00 today when all I have done with my card is get the balance and mini statement.
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Natwest Customers Should Read

Naughty innit !

how many people wont even bother checking or will just think oh £5 must have spent it somewhere

Natwest should go through all their customers accounts and rectify any like yours, but will they ?
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Natwest Customers Should Read

It could be worse. They could be calling you a Dick Head!!!
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Natwest Customers Should Read

Yes I just heard that on the Radio. I wonder if the guy had upset someone at Natwest or something or did they just pick him at random?


Natwest Customers Should Read

That'd be more appropriate for that idiot pop star type fella who got his own branded credit card.