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NVidia Firewall Query


NVidia Firewall Query

does anyone know how to enable port-forwarding on this software properly, and get Azuerus working through it without any problems

I've got it working but it seems to be taking about 10 minutes before it will even map the port used, as you can see from output below it will establish the connection

    my_gatewayaddress/gatedesc.xml -> NVIDIA nForce Networking Controller - Packet Scheduler Miniport//my_ipaddress (prefix=30)
    UPnP: root discovered = my_gatewayaddress/gatedesc.xml, local = /my_ipaddress
    Downloading: my_gatewayaddress/gatedesc.xml
    Relative URL base is my_gatewayaddress
    DLINK Internet Gateway Device
    desc=my_gatewayaddress/gateinfoSCPD.xml, control=my_gatewayaddress/upnp/control/OSInfo1
    desc=my_gatewayaddress/gateicfgSCPD.xml, control=my_gatewayaddress/upnp/control/WANCommonIFC1
    WANConnectionDevice *
    desc=my_gatewayaddress/gateconnSCPD.xml, control=my_gatewayaddress/upnp/control/WANIPConn1
    Downloading: my_gatewayaddress/gateicfgSCPD.xml
    Device speed: down=75.0 kB/s, up=16.0 kB/s
    Found WANIPConnection
    Downloading: my_gatewayaddress/gateconnSCPD.xml
    mapping [0] 8637/TCP [BitComet (my_ipaddress:8637) 8637] -> my_ipaddress
    mapping [1] 8637/UDP [BitComet (my_ipaddress:8637) 8637] -> my_ipaddress
    mapping [2] 64821/TCP [BitComet (my_ipaddress:64821) 64821] -> my_ipaddress
    mapping [3] 64821/UDP [BitComet (my_ipaddress:64821) 64821] -> my_ipaddress
    UPnP: Mapping 'UDP tracker client port (UDP/62881)' established
    UPnP: Mapping 'UDP tracker client port (UDP/62881)' established
    UPnP: Mapping 'Incoming Peer Data Port (TCP/62881)' established
    UPnP: Mapping 'Incoming Peer Data Port (TCP/62881)' established
    Mapping Distributed DB (UDP/62881) already established

you will also notice bitcommet is listed and this works fine, no delay in mapping the ports, or sending which port to use, but bitcomment doesn't do scheduling and that's why i need azuerus unless anyone else can think of a better program to use that will allow scheduling

or how to properly configure the nvidia firewall


ps - i've downloaded the manual and it's nothing like the layout or configuration that you get onscreen so wasn't much helpful