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Mythical free speed upgrade


Mythical free speed upgrade


I am aware this has been a common topic over the past few months, but I am loosing patience.

It is now the middle of November and I am still waiting.

I am still paying £21.99 a month for 512Kbps.
This is the (now retired) "Force9 Broadband Home Premier 512k - Original" package.

The BT availability checker still shows my location as up to 1Mbps (possible engineer visit required).

Is it likely that I will see this mythical, free speed upgrade this year?
Is it likely to be 2Mbps or am I (on the edge of a major city) considered too remote by BT?

I am wondering if it would be more cost effective to switch to another provider who will offer me more for my money.

Your thoughts please.

Mythical free speed upgrade

You may find that BT attempted the upgrade and it failed. Unfortunately F9 do not notify you when this has happened, they leave you in limbo. This happened to me and I had to have a manual upgrade, for which I had to pay. I subsequently got a refund as F9 took up the case with BT that the line can support the speed and the regrade should have been free.

It may be worth you raising a ticket and asking support if an attempt has been made at any time to upgrade the speed on your line.



Mythical free speed upgrade

Hi candd,

I would definately get the following information checked out BEFORE you proceed any further with BT. 1) get F9 Plusnet to run a whoosh test for you, this will help to clarify if your actual line conditions will support the 1MB or 2MB service 2) You should definately find the line length and line distance from your property to your nearest BT exchange (YES! distance from the exchange and line length can and do have a direct bearing on service delivery and service quality) As you have ADSL 512K already then the above are definately worth doing IMO. These should clarify things one way or another.