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MySQL / IB Forums problem


MySQL / IB Forums problem


Trying to install IB Forums Final Version 1.

Have set up MySQL database and it's operational.

The problem occurs during the install script for IB Forums. When I fill in all the fields required, i.e.

Host: humbug
Username: sheamus
Password: *my password* :-)
DB Name: sheamus_f9

and submit this it comes back with an error saying sheamus@ does not have the rights to sheamus_f9 database.

Now I know this is not right as it IS my database and the sample script provided by F9 with the password etc for MySQL works fine with the above entries.

Has anyone successfully installed IB Forums and if so did you have this problem, should the host be just 'humbug' and how can I get this working? I think it's right 'cause if I put in 'localhost' which IB Forums defaults to I get errors.

Why isn't it authorising me though?

Shea (