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My own mail server


My own mail server

Hi all

I am in the process of setting up my own mail server (postfix on mandriva 2005LE) using my F9 ADSL account. The server is natted behind a firewall. I am also a brand new Linux user Shockedops: . Does anyone have any pointers before I turn on SMTP forwarding and risk losing all my mail.

Should I send mail directly or use the F9 relay?
How do I ensure that my mails don't get blocked by other server's spam filters - I own multiple domains and would want the originator to be in the form or without being blocked up for spoofing the path


My own mail server

Hi Sean.

I would recommend using the F9 relay to send the mail (this is known as "smarthost" functionality). Some ISPs drop mail sent by servers hosted on domestic connections (AOL are particularly well known for this). They do this because spambots installed by trojans are usually on domestic connections.

As for incoming mails you can either use fetchmail to get the mail from Force9's mail server on a regular basis or use "direct" delivery. The mail still goes through F9's mail servers though, so disable spam filters on that if you don't want that feature. Make sure you have set up your mail server to only accept mail for your domains, and no others. There are online tools to help you find out if your mail server is configured securely.

I don't know if you're likely to read this post, but you might get a quicker response from a posting to a local Linux User Group. A list of groups around the country is on the website: