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My new job


My new job

I was told if i was to keep posting on here id have to make it clear who i now work for

Thats right +NET HAHA!

So I will continue my occasional posting to help people out with their probs but i am not in the comms team so i will not be commenting on anything to do with +NET T&C etc, im leaving that for the people who get paid to do it!

Just thought id say while im on, the +NET CS staff try everything in their power to resolve the problems, sometimes difficult circumstances with people who are not susceptable to being helped, and ive also already found my name mentioned on the forums, luckily in a good light !!!!

So far im enjoying working there and they are all good people, and already im working hard answering calls and replying to tickets!

Finally bear in mind ive been a +NET customer for 3 years so i do look at things from all perspectives