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My SQL and Dreamweaver


My SQL and Dreamweaver

Can you use dreamweaver with F9 CGI PHP and MySQL?

Dreamweaver wants to know the mysql server - which I cannot find to give it.

When I TEST the connection - all I get (if i am lucky) is an unidentified error



My SQL and Dreamweaver

Have you activated your MySQL usage? (from the MySQL applet on the Website settings page.

If you have, you should have received an email from Force9 telling you the details of your MySQL database (including which server it is on). The MySQL servers are humbug and rumpus ( so it'll be one of those two.

Dreamweaver / F9 CGI / MY SQL

Apparently you cannot connect Dreamweaver to the CGI servers. I've been trying for ages, but when I asked F9 Support, I was told that it cannot be done.


My SQL and Dreamweaver

Hmm, odd, I'm sure others have done that before.

Dreamweaver / CGI

I would have thought that you can, but the support guys are advising that you can't.

I've tried connecting to Humbug, but it just doesn't have it.

Shame really as it would be nice when creating PHP files to allow Dreamweaver to do it's stuff, but that's life.

My SQL and Dreamweaver

I'll check with my copy of Dreamweaver, but I know connecting to "" used to work...

My SQL and Dreamweaver

Success !!!!!!!

I've managed to sort it In Dreamweaver MX use the following settings.
Server Model PHP/MYSQL
Access FTP
When setting the testing server use the following:

Server -
Username - f9 username
Password - password supplied when your database was setup

Good luck Cheesy

My SQL and Dreamweaver

Update - Success is not total Sad

I can now see my database and all the tables, but whenI try to create a PHP page using the Dreamweaver Applications Pane, when trying to load the page, it seems to think that a ../Connections folder exists somewhere (I presume that this replaces the std connection strings that you would normally use).

If anyone has seen this and knows how to get around this, would be grateful if you can let me know.

Steve :?