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Moving to Jersey, Channel Islands


Moving to Jersey, Channel Islands

My wife and I are (vaguely) contemplating moving to Jersey. We are both UK citizens

I am trying to find some background on the situation regarding employment (without going to the expense of consulting lawyers etc).

Am I correct in thinking that any prospective employer would need to get permission for me to be employed by them?

Also, I understand there is a 5 year rule before one is considered a "full" resident. Could I work in London (either commuting or keep a bedsit on there) whilst still maintaining the Jersey residence for my family (and me at the weekends).

Any advice, or suggestions as to whom I might seek further advice from would be warmly welcomed.

Moving to Jersey, Channel Islands

I lived in Jersey for 2 years (lovely place) and couldn't find much work at all.

They are a bit funny with work. Its to do with the fact that i wasnt a citizen over there.

Also, are you looking to rent a place because they are very expensive. I dont you will be able to buy as you have to have lived there 20 years or more before you can.

Have you tried searching google for any answers.


I had a friend that moved to Jersy for a few years and got married.
They found it so expensive just to buy food as it has to be shipped from the main land.

There was very little work as most of the people are long timers, dont really mix with outsiders, Running a car was suspose to be very cheap also dont think you need an MOT.

Anyways they moved to devon and perferr it much more, maybe you should consider that instead.

Used to be a big tax haven so most houses are very big, dont think you will be able to afford anything decent. could be you wrong you could be loaded Smiley

actually reading jb's ive said the same as him, should have read that better first, sorry!


Moving to Jersey, Channel Islands

:lol: Don't worry, i always reply to things and then actually read that someone else has written the same thing. :?