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I'm building a web site using the very cool Cool Page but am having dificulty setting up mouseovers on the menu items.

CP's help says they only do mouseovers on images but to get round set mouseover on an invisible image on top of the item.

I can do an invisible object and an image but not an invisible image.

I'm sure i'm being daft.

Can someone help please.



A couple of thoughts about what they may mean by "an invisible image":
  • Certain images (or parts of an image) can be made transparent, which means to all intents and purposes they are invisible because you see whatever is underneath. My "Micky Mouse" avatar over there on the left is actually rectangular in shape, but the parts of the rectangle outside of Micky's head have been made transparent, so you don't see them, you see the colour that lies behind. You can make an image which is just 1 pixel by 1 pixel and set it to be transparent ("blank"). Even though you can't see the image, it's still there and it occupies space, preventing something else, text maybe, from taking that space. Let's say you have another image (one which is visible) which has a size of 150x100 pixels. What you could then do is specify an image using your blank 1 pixel image, but sizing it to occupy the same space as the other image:

      <img src="blank.gif" width="150" height="150" alt=" " />

    You could then code the "onmouseover" and onmouseout" event handlers so that when the mouse is brought over the blank space, the blank image is replaced by your other one, which seems to magically appear in the area reserved for it.

  • They might be referring to style properties, such as "visibility" which could be set to "hidden", and then, again by using "onmouseover" and "onmouseout" event handlers, the visibility property could be changed to "visible" making the element appear. This is described in the Cascading Style Sheet Specification.


Thanks for coming back on this.

I understand most of the logic but, as I say, I'm not actually writing the site but using a wysiwyg program - Cool Page.

Thanks again.