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Membership Invited


Membership Invited

Kent Businesses is now ready to accept members. We now have in place the insurance FREE with membership to give protection for VAT, TAX, Employment matters etc. Also on offer is what we believe to be about the cheapest telephone calls available (if you want it). Also included is FREE 24 hour 365 days a year legal helpline dedicated to our members. CAN YOU AFFORD TO JOINHuh ABSOLUTELY YES at only £70 per year for a sole trader the insurance alone covers the cost, use the legal helpline once and you have saved the membership fee. The telephone savings by itself will pay dividens.

Membership is not restricted to the county of Kent, we have enquiries from Birmingham, Croyden and some in Essex. We will not accept anyone as we insist that all members are reputable businesses.

Go to to get the full details.

Best regards.


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Re: Membership Invited

Kent Businesses is now ready to accept members.


(shouldn't disturb to many people testing here)

Membership Invited

Nope, it didn't disturb many, it disturbed all.

If you wish to make a test post, you should create a new thread.

Rasing an old thread and taking it off topic is not a very good thing to do.