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Maxtor 120Gb external USB hard drive problem


Maxtor 120Gb external USB hard drive problem

Has anyone got an idea of how to get these things working? I've followed the instructions to the letter IE: install the drivers first then re-boot without taking the CD out then install the backup software. Then switch the unit on and allow it up to 2 minutes to find the drive.
Well, under XP Pro (I've got admin privlidges) and XP Home the drive is found and the OS again askes for the driver CD. Then it cannot find the drivers on the CD and trys to connect to the internet. There is a yellow exclamination mark agains the drive in the Device Manager. I've also tried to get it installed on my son's P3-500 computer under Win 98 2nd Edition but I still get the same problem.
The unit spins up OK and seems to be working.

I've sent the problem to the Maxtor Tec page but to date I've had no reply.

I'm assuming that these external drives come formatted? If not, just how do you format them if Windows cannot load the drivers from the CD?

Maxtor 120Gb external USB hard drive problem

I haven't got the drive your talking about, but have used external USB drives b4 follow these steps it "may" solve your problem.

1. goto control panel, admin tools,computer managment.

2. goto disk managment in the left pane

3. in the bottom of the right pane u should see a list of your drives, find your USB drive and initialise

4. right click on the drive in the top pain and create a new primary partition ( as i haven't one to try it on it may come under properties of the drive).

Hope this helps


Maxtor 120Gb external USB hard drive problem

Yes you will have to format the drive. I was only offered NT by XP but wanted Fat32, even partition Magic would only offer NT. I connected the drive to the inside IDE ribbon on the PC and used IBM Disk Manager in DOS to format and Partition. (I think you will find one on Maxtor site)
See my later post on USB2 problem.