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Market Research


Market Research

A year or two ago someone rang me up to do some market research about F9, and i gave them 9/10 with the odd 8/10 to keep them on their toes.

I've been with F9 for years, broadband for about 3, loyal customer, blah blah, below average usage, but I can't help but think someone is taking the mickey, every other month it seems my once nice Premier account gets another revision of the terms and conditions that only a lawyer could love.

I'm not cross, but my goodwill has gone. Doesn't anyone at F9 care?

PS Probably the wrong forum, sorry. One post in SIX years, cut me some slack.

Market Research

Hello shevek

Like your good self I have been with F9 since 1998, OK call me cynical but if you want the bitter truth Force9 PlusNet dont give a toss about you. Look its just business to them they couldnt careless if you stay or leave. From F9's point of view theres 10 more punters where you came from.

**In other words if you do think F9 really care your sadly mistaken, your deluding yourself. Frankly F9 only care about how they can juggle there services & assetts to make a profit. Anything else is irrelevant even the so called customer service?. Its the share holders F9 have to worry about keeping sweet now they are registered on the stock market.

**F9 PlusNet are a business first and foremost & ALL paying customers would do well to bear this in mind as much as possible.

**Oh! & just because you have been a so called loyal customer and been with them for years, dont think this loyalty entitles you to anything special?? it doesnt frankly.

**The ISP Business is just another capitolistic money making machine like all the other ones that surround us all the time. Business doesnt care, it cannot care NOT really, capitolism isnt interested in really being human & caring. The very nature of business is impersonal, its A-moral and ist only goal is making profits IMO. Caring I DONT think so!! I wish they did in some ways.