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MTU and RWIN settings


MTU and RWIN settings

I've got an ADSL 500 connection running at roughly 470kbps using an internal PCI ADSL modem (Dynamode A220 I think) which is an OK speed.

I've tried changing the MTU and RWIN settings using the Dr TCP program to the settings that many people recommend to see if I can get an even faster connection ie:

MTU 1458 and RWIN 12762 or
MTU 1430 and RWIN 13900

and found that using these settings actually SLOWS my connection speed down a bit. Has anyone else had the same result? Many people swear that using one or other of these settings increases the speed yet I seem to get the converse? What test site do people use? I have tended to use the f9 connection speed setting or the one found on

Thanks in advance - sorry if these seem stupid questions...