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MSN + webcam hogs all bandwith & slugs online gaming


MSN + webcam hogs all bandwith & slugs online gaming

You might appreciate this as a parent or a teenager, and I need a solution:

Son is playing Counter-strike: source and having a great time.

Daughter enters room, logs onto 2nd PC and fires up MSN 6.2 with webcam and starts having life critical conversations about clothes, hair, boys with 50 of her closest personal friends - oh, and starts sharing photos, videos etc with everyone.

Son's ping goes from 35 to 900ms. Performance at CSS goes from Rambo to Mr. Bean. Gets kicked off the game server.

Son tries to start WW3 with daughter.

I have to sort it all out. Usually son loses because of danger of daughter having a strop.

So does anyone know how I can, ideally, balance the share of the ADSL link from each PC? I believe that online games only use maybe 20k bits/s of data, not 100k+, so it must be possible to guarantee it a packet every few ms. I have tried looking for a way to reduce frame rate, resolution of the webcam but for some reason there are no controls to do this! Anyway I need to balance load no matter what she is running.

I have a Netgear DM602 with recent flash upgrade, 512k F9 service, WinXP SP2 on both machines (1600 Athlon & 660 P3) and 100M Ethernet using Belkin 5-port switch.

Any tips?

MSN + webcam hogs all bandwith & slugs online gaming

What you need is netlimiter, do a search on google for it. This program does cost but i can help with that Wink . It essentialy allows you to limit both upload and download speeds to whatever you desire. It also moniters bandwidth used aswell and is an all round great bit of software.