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Low speed test results - now fixed!


Low speed test results - now fixed!

Despite upgrading from 512 to 2Mb I still get about 420 download speed on my desktop.
Transferring the link (Netgear USB to Netgear DG834 router) to my ancient laptop gives a speed of about 1250. O.S., virus guard and settings are the same. I've run two adware/spyware removing programs, which found nothing major.
The router says it is connected at 2272.
Any ideas anyone?


This is probably caused by poor throughput at the BT exchange. Your connection from your house to the DSLAM may well be 2Mb/s but the bandwidth at the other end to the force9 servers (or indeed any other ISP) is shared amongst all users on that part of the exchange regardless of which ISP they are actually connected to. The contention ratio is I think 1:50 basically it works out that if every one is using their broadband to maximum on a 2Mbs service everyone will only get about 400-500Kb/s to their ISP. So your 400kb/s figure is concidered normal. This is why your service is called upto 2Mb/s, and why the higher speed products now come at the same price, as you really rarely get the speed anyway unless you happen to download at a time when no one else is.

This is rubbish I know! Think yourself lucky you get this much, I get as poor a 300-400Kbs at most of the time as my exchange is showing RED on VCs and due for an upgrade. Between 7am and 11am I get 1Mb/s and only rarely do I get 1.7Mb/s. The bottleneck is at the BT end not F9. You can confirm this by stopping all downloads on your computers, change the login from the F9 one to user: speedtest@speedtest_domain

Password: testing


(this is the only page that works with this special login, dont forget to log back into F9 after you are done here)

this tests the through put at the exchange. If you get low speeds here is confirms the problem is the exchange and not at the F9 end.

If you want better then you need to pay for a better contention ratio at the BT wholesale end, I'm not sure if this is actually possible through F9? Perhaps you can get it on business products? If you want guaranteed bandwidth you need SDSL which has excellent contention ratios, however the slowest 256Kb/s SDSL service costs hundreds of pounds per month! It is a business product.

You can also check the Signal noise ratio and line attenuation on your link. If your router/modem doesn't keep retraining then it is a line problem, this usually this is not the problem. The BT end will(should) have checked the line supports 2Mbs ok. If you keep getting dropouts or reconnects then it is the line and you should complain and get the speed reduced as you can see it probably wont make much difference anyway.

Low speed test results - now fixed!

"f your router/modem doesn't keep retraining then it is a line problem, this usually this is not the problem."

Sorry this should say :

If your router/modem doesn't keep retraining (reconnecting) then it is not a line problem, this usually this is not the problem."


Having had these slow 300-400K speeds my self I read about abit and found the pages on setting RWIN and MTU.

The MTU on my router was set to 1500, the PC was also set to 1500 and the RWIN setting was higher than the recommended I found on the webpage these were the speed settings that an optimisation program set for broadband.

I entered the recommended settings of MTU 1458 and RWIN 139000 (actually 138964 which is MTU * 9Cool. I also set the MTU in the router to 1458.

I am now running speed test a busy times and my performance has shot up to 700K when it had been as low as 300-400K. Need to test more as it could be a fluke.

MTUs set to 1500 obviously does have a big negative effect on data rate.

Anyway you really need to make sure that your MTU and RWIN settings are right.

Low speed test results - now fixed!

actually the speed increase after tweeking the MTU was a fluke, it is back to my rubbish 320Kb/s.

Does anyone know if it worth moaning to BT about this (the speed test to BT wholesale) with the BT speedtest login shows this poor speed.

Low speed test results - now fixed!

Thanks for the efforts. MTU is set to 1458 on the router and in the registry, though I found another entry just before it of maxMTU=576.
I've tried unloading and disabling everything conceivable because the point is: why should I get three times the speed on a laptop with very similar setup but half the RAM and processor speed?
Yesterday I borrowed a network card and replaced the modem card with it, just incase it was a USB polling problem, but no change.
I'm not getting up in the middle of the night to test the connection but I have tested it at times between 8 a.m. and midnight. Only minor variations.

Low speed test results - now fixed!

the router says it is connected at 2M/b but I thnik F9 may also have some control or settings of speed once your connection reaches their servers? I don't know if this is true or not?

Perhaps it would be worth giving F9 a call and see if there is anything that they should at their end and haven't done after your speed regrade?

Low speed test results - now fixed!

F9 made lots of suggestions involving disconnecting all telephones and microfilters except the one for the PC but it didn't help and this problem isn't external.
The fact that my laptop got a reasonable download speed means there must be a hardware or software reason for my PC not achieving the same speed.
Yesterday it downloaded a file at just over 6kB/s !!!

Low speed test results - now fixed!

Fixed it!

I found a post in this section and downloaded TCPOptimizer.exe which tweaked the registry for me. Apparently there was a 'legacy' speed limit on my old 98SE machine - a bit like the old limits on HDD size.

1.8 Mb/s, with all the pop-up and virus guard scanning on. I can live with that.

Extra note: is a lovely, graphical, real-life speed test site.

upgraded but slow ?

gone from average 950kb download speed with a 1mb connection,to average 1250kb download speed on tests since upgraded to 2mb connection...correct if wrong but doesnt that mean my upgrade isnt working properly? surely my average on speed tests should be around 1800+? or am i not looking at big picture somewhere?

Low speed test results - now fixed!

yeah tracygabs, i'd say that you should be getting more than that... however it does look like you are getting more than 1mbits so i doubt it will be something at F9's end.. could be something to do with BT's network near your end, many heavy users?? or there some interference on your line (if its a way from the exchange like mine)?

Could be completely wrong of course but that is what i recon!!! :lol:



seems the speed test url's aint totaly truthfull,as altho doesnt appear am getting full 2mb connection when use them i AM downloading at twwice my usual speed on download client i use-eg azueus...usualy my max on 1mb is 100kb average,yet now is 200 so it must be connecting at double 1mb speed after all regardless wot speed tests show Smiley