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N/A Java Client

Hi, having a big problem with in the last 2 weeks, and wondered if anyone else has also had problems.

The reason I'm posting here is just in case it might relate to Force9's recent traffic shaping adventures.

I can connect to my home machine fine using the activex client, but unfortunately this is not an option from work, due to ActiveX being blocked by our firewall. Other people (with different ISPs) in my company can connect to their PC's using the Java client.

The error in my browser is:
LogMeIn Remote Control Client 2.20.489

Copyright (C) 2003-2006 LogMeIn, Inc. US patents pending.
Host reports version 537.

Failed to connect socket, trying to connect through HTTP tunnel...

Has anybody else had recent problems using Any comments or advice?

Thanks in advance!
N/A Java Client

I suspect you need an update...

Right click on the systray icon for logmein and select Tools->Check for updates.. Once it has updated, try again. This had also happened for me, although I could use the Java client from some locations, but not from one location. After applying the update all was okay.