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Locking which of 2 email mailboxes sent from


Locking which of 2 email mailboxes sent from

I access a longstanding email address through my PlusNet account. On configuring the remote connection to be pulled in through +net it gives you the option to specify a reply address. I want all my mail to come in through my remote, old, mailbox but sometimes the recipient of a new mail gets my +net address, at others my remote mailbox.

Is this just one of those bugs I have to live with or has anyone any ideas as to how I can lock the configurations?

David Perry

RE: Locking which of 2 email mailboxes sent from

This is because of the mail client the other end uses.

When you send an e-mail, it is sent as being from your +net address, but an extra field, called reply-to, gives the address that should be (you guessed it) used when sending a message in reply/return.

Some e-mail clients display the from item, some display the reply-to item, as the senders address.

On top, some don't care for the reply-to item, and send replies to the from address.

In some cases, mail clients can be configured on what to show, and some on which address to use in reply.

As such, this is likely all beyond your control.

However, do not fret. There are ways and means to everything.

The only way around it, is to set the From address, to the mailbox you wish them to reply to. To have the ability to do this, you need to use a outgoing mail-server, that allows relays.

Relays are machines that don't care about the from address, or in reality, have an extra rule, to allow that from address (the ones that don't care are called open relays. These are usualy blocked, due tot he spam they cause).

+net do not have there server setup, such that you can relay like this.

Some web-hosters (and possibly ISP's), allow a username and password login system, or base it on your IP address, that allows you to relay any e-mail. This allows them to track you, and kick you off if you start to use it for spam.

However, these systems are perfect for allowing you to use any From address.

I use one such hoster at the moment ( - For some reason, many people from +net move there domains over to them), that we have to use for all out mail.

RE: Locking which of 2 email mailboxes sent from

Great stuff Philip - I hope I took all that in.

Just to check - you're saying I need to open an account at say xcalibre and configure that to pull mail from my longstanding ISP/mailbox and then configure +net in turn to pull all mail from the new account. Is that it?