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Linksys Router + ADSL Modem


Linksys Router + ADSL Modem


I've recently moved house and switched from having a cable modem from NTL to ADSL with Force 9. One of the main selling points was a static IP which I have been given. However I am having problems getting my static IP configured such that I can access services on my LAN.

I'm using a Linksys BEFVP41 VPN router and a Linksys ADSL2MUE ADSL modem. I can access the internet fine but I cannot ping or contact in any way my static IP from an external location.

My internal LAN is configured so that all the machines are using 192.168.1.*. The ADSL modem is set to and dynamically asigns the router an IP on the 192.168.2.* subnet.

On the static IP info page of F9 they tell me the IPs for the gateway, router and broadcast as well as the netmask to use. However, I'm slightly uncertain of where and even if I should enter these in the configuration of my router or modem.

Can anyone clarify how I should go about setting this up please?


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Hi asm495,

Most routers have two interfaces one which is external for WAN (the WAN interface would have to contain your fixed or static IP address (the one given from F9), this is also used as your routers default gateway IP address).

The second interface is your internal network or your LAN interface (currently using the 192.168.xx.xx IP range). I think the problem is that it would be easier to keep ALL your IP address's as static IP's even those on your internal LAN.

Using the routers built in DHCP server to assign IP's in this situation CAN make life & problem solving more complex.

**I suggest that you re-set the router and go back to basics, re-set the wan interface IP first & once this is done you should try pining the WAN IP address. Once you have this working next try setting up your LAN IP's and you might need to look at how (or if the router has NAT or no NAT) to setup NAT, network address translation.

**If all is setup correctly, ALL your PC's should also be able to ping your routers default gateway IP & then external websites or external IP's. All external users would see should be your external WAN IP address (with ALL other PC's behined the routers x1 IP address).

**Have you had a look at the Router makers website for setup instructions & Config details.

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Re: Linksys Router + ADSL Modem

I can access the internet fine but I cannot ping or contact in any way my static IP from an external location.

By default ping from the internet is probably disabled by the devices firewall.

By having two devices, a modem and a router, and two internal subnets you're making life really difficult for yourself.

By using kit that (on a glance at the specs) don't support port forwarding you're making making it kinda impossible. I've had a quick look at the Linksys website and it would appear than none of their products do. Now I find that hard to belive, but they are very cheap and Linksys are the consumer division of Cisco so perhaps thats where they differentiate their product line.

It may just be undocumented so have a poke round the menus on the devices. What you're looking for is incoming port forwarding. This will be a table where you can enter the port no of the incoming request against your IP and the internal IP of the machine you want the request direct to.

I use these

If you look at the specs near the bottom is

DMZ hosting, port forwarding and port redirection support

This is noteably lacking in the specs of your kit.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, and I could be wrong, but it looks like you need a better gateway product.

Linksys Router + ADSL Modem

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looks like it will support port forwarding and is loads cheaper but linksys site makes no mention :?

Linksys Router + ADSL Modem

Thanks for the advice... the problem was that my Linksys ADSL modem does not support port forwarding. However I was able to fix the problem by putting the modem in bridge mode and have my Linksys VPN Router make the connection directly through the modem. All works a treat now! Smiley

Linksys Router + ADSL Modem

That is TOP!!!

Nice one.

I figured there might be a way if you had a look at the menus. After my first reply I noticed the difference between the specs published at DSL warehoue and the linksys site made me think that there might be a way.