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Linksys BEFVPN41 Router + D-LINK DSL-300T ADSL Modem


Linksys BEFVPN41 Router + D-LINK DSL-300T ADSL Modem


I've been running a Linksys BEFVPN41 router and ADSL2MUE modem to connect to F9 for about a month now (modem in bridge mode and router connecting). However I was having problems connecting to my work VPN via this system. I know that there can't be a problem with the router as I've used it previously with a NTL cable modem and had no problems with that. As a result I purchased the closest thing to a cable modem that I could find but for ADSL - the D-Link DSL-300T.

This new modem can present the IP given by the ISP directly to your PC or router and then hopefully removing any of the issues that I've been having. Connecting the modem directly to a laptop I can get online and the ISP provided IP is given to my laptop along with DNS settings etc. When I switch the connection over to my router however although the correct IP and DNS server address is obtained I can't connect to the internet from inside my LAN. Even the DNS server remains unpingable.

My configuration is as follows...

D-Link DSL-300T

Linksys BEFVPN41
DHCP Off (have DHCP server on my internal network)

Anyone have any suggestions as to what I might be doing wrong please?


Linksys BEFVPN41 Router + D-LINK DSL-300T ADSL Modem

Assuming you haven't tolally screwed up your internal IP addressing and you can ping your routher Is the WAN side picking up the DHCP off the modem properly. Does it know where it's gateway is on the .2. side?

Edit - is your internal DHCP server pointing to the right local gateway, ie the router, not the modem.

Possible Firewall issue? Ivan

Hi asm495,

Does your router have a built in firewall? and is this enabled and thus blocking outbound connections from your LAN to the internet? Also does your router use NAT? this too might be problematic and is this enabled? Is NAT translating one IP to another correctly.

**Also port forwarding in some routers might be another cause of such a problem? (if your router has this feature).

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