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Hey everyone!

I am sad to announce my departure from Plus.Net... Shocked

This is due to taking a job in Switzerland! Cheesy

For the... 10 months I have been a part of Plus.Net, its been a wonderful experience.

We have had FUP (which has already been revoked!), Grid.Org, which I hope will continue to progress, as I will still run it in Switzerland, Wireless Plus.Net broadband, and more!

Its been a real pleasure getting to know you all, and following your trials and tribulations.

I will certainly still be around, next couple of weeks i'll be between here and Bern, and i'll be around for people who request I send them e-mails via private messages Tongue

Alas, its good to have known you all, and maybe if I have to move back to the UK, i'll be straight back on PN!

Thanks everyone for their help that I needed, or for the funny jokes/movies that i saw.


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Downgrade to a PAYG (free) dialup account and we'll give you access rights to all forums, you can then login to the forums and still come in for a chat every now and then.
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Good idea Liam.

And good luck to you Craig!



I hope this account does get downgraded to PAYG, as I would still like to run the Grid.Org project from Switzerland.

This is my final day all!

Thanks very much for having me as a well paying Plus.Net customer.

Towill - You irish Leprochaun, keep drinking the guiness, and watch the magic mushrooms.

Rbentley - Use the computer for the Grid.Org project. Soley. Do no work. And yes, solitaire does count. Tongue

Fa55dsl - Keep Rockin'

Gadgetboy - You should buy the Gadget shop!

Eurotrain4 - Dunno what to write for you!

Acarr - See above!

Liam (martinfamily) - Could you have any more broadband lines?! Cheesy

And Finally, where would we be without Petervaughan? The pub probably! :p

Anyone else I haven't mentioned, and left a funny trail after, don't worry, you all come under the category of "those one's i can't remember".

Hope to speak to you all soon, and be good!

{EDIT} If you need to get in touch, just drop me a private message!