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Lack of NHS funding for Alzheimer drugs


Lack of NHS funding for Alzheimer drugs

Cheesy My Father served in the Army all of his life, rising through the ranks, being offered a commission and retiring as a Major M.B.E. Royal Engineers.

He should have a well earned and happy retirement.

He had the misfortune to suffer Alzheimer's disease at the age of 80.

After paying into the National Health service all of his life the only treatment he has been offered is an anti agitation drug and his mental condition has rapidly declined since his initial diagnosis.

Not much for someone who has served his Queen and country all his life.

The decision by NICE (National Institute For Clinical Excellence) not to allow drugs for early and late stage Alzheimer patients at a cost of £2.50 a day is flawed and has certainly not taken into account the effect this will have on patients and carers alike.

It is also for the first time in its eight year history, facing court action from the Alzheimer's Society and from the makers of an Alzheimer's drug that it refused to fund

The bulk of my Fathers pension almost £1000.00 a month is swallowed up by paying for his care home fees although he does get about £300 pounds a month state funding.

Many people have to lose their homes to fund their care. What country can treat their elderly in such a shameful way and let the Government get away with it.

I have set up a petition at the 10 Downing Street website about the lack of funding for Alzheimer's patients and would be grateful for any support