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Join Free-Online WhatPulse Team


Join Free-Online WhatPulse Team

Hello! We are looking for people to join out WhatPulse team for Plus.Net!
A few of us in usertools including staff has started a WhatPulse team. Our aim was at first to get in the Top 1000, We have done this and now we are asking you members to help us get in the Top 500!, So come and join team Today

:arrow: Offical Team Stats[/b


Taken From The Website:
What Is WhatPulse?
WhatPulse is a 'competition'...


Join Free-Online WhatPulse Team

This sounds a lot like a key logger - how can you be sure that these people are legit? Ads for 'Survellance Software' and questionable spyware removers on the homepage is even more suspect.