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[JOKE] flippin menthol

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[JOKE] flippin menthol

A Jelly Baby walks into a bar & starts talking to a Smartie.

After a few beers the Smartie said a bunch of us are heading for a

New club care to tag along?

No thanks the Jelly Baby replies I am a soft centre I always end up

Getting my head kicked in.

Don’t worry the Smartie assures him I am a bit of a hard case I

Will look after you.

Ok grins the Jelly Baby/

So they go to the club after a few beers three Lockets walk in they

Take one look at the Jelly Baby & starts beating him then walk off


I thought you were going to look after me gasps the Jelly Baby rubbing

His bruises..

I was replied the Smartie but those Lockets are flipping Menthol!

[JOKE] flippin menthol

lmao. good groaner!

[JOKE] flippin menthol

Its like the two bits of tarmac in the bar.
The pink tarmac keeps giving the black tarmac a really hard time, so much so that the barman asks the black tarmac if he's going to 'sort him out'
The black tarmacs response?
"No way, he's a bit of a cyclepath"