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Ivan, Ivan. Thanks again.


Ivan, Ivan. Thanks again.

Ivan, Ivan, ooo IVAN,

'Such a very nice man'
'A very, very nice man.' (in an 'AA ladies' kinda way)

Ok Maggie, so the guy gives you a tip on fixed broadband line rental.
But talk about kissing his feet.
Unless, 'fixed rate contracts' are your thing.
Yeaahhh baby (in an Austin Powers kinda way) this links for you:

So just for the record.
Thanks Ivan, it was great...
Cheesy :lol: Cheesy

No Bowing & Scraping!!

Look No!! foot kissing or scraping please I'm only human you know!! I mean really its abit OTT. Dont be a silly boy!! I only stated the facts for god sakes!!

Some people really!! cannot take them any where you know!!

:lol: Ivan