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Is the "Aurora" a Jinx-Ship?


Is the "Aurora" a Jinx-Ship?

The P&O cruise liner, Aurora has been in the news recently as the "bug ship", and even (according to some newspapers) the "ship from hell" following an outbreak of the norovirus.

P&O Cruises liner Aurora

But this is not the Aurora's first mishap. Could the ship be jinxed?

Here are some facts:
  • The ship was "christened" by Princess Anne at the end of April 2000 in a ceremony in Southampton. But the release mechanism on the champagne failed, and the bottle did not shatter against the side of the ship, but instead fell into the Solent.

  • A few days later, on its maiden voyage, there were problems with a propeller shaft, and the ship had to limp back to port, abandoning the cruise to the Med. The passengers were given a refund and a compensation package.

  • It seems there was an earlier outbreak of the norovirus on this ship last year.

  • Now we have the present outbreak, affecting something like 400-500 passengers.

  • Amongst the passengers on that ill-fated trip were one particularly obnoxious woman and her equally obnoxious husband, who, because they had appeared on some ghastly Channel Four TV programme, were considered "celebrities" by the news media, which gave their semi-literate utterences undue prominence, as if their views were any more important than anyone else's.
The mere presence of that couple on the Aurora convince me the ship really is jinxed. What do you think?

As a postlude, here is another point of interest. Despite the problems with Princess Anne's magnum of champagne in 2000, she and daughter Zara Phillips were invited back for a double-christening in Southampton this summer, when two other P&O ships were renamed following their transfer from operations in the Caribbean. (Sea Princess became Adonia and Ocean Princess became Oceana.) No problems for Zara and the Adonia, but -- wait for it -- when Princess Anne released the bottle against Oceana, it, too, failed to break...

(Incidentally, despite several outbreaks of Norovirus on P&O -- and other lines' -- ships recently, P&O seems to score consistently high marks when its ships are subjected to random inspections in port.)

Is the "Aurora" a Jinx-Ship?

Probably not as jinxed as the new Queen Mary.

12 dead and it ain;'t even finished yet. Sad

Bad Omen for Mary 2?

Hum Bad Omen for Mary 2?? They said the Titanic was unsinkable and look what happened to her.


Is the "Aurora" a Jinx-Ship?

Looks like you might be right about the Queen Mary 2. Two women had to be taken off the vessel by lifeboat on New Year's Day. One had broken a leg while boarding the ship, and the other broke a hip while dancing on New Year's Eve.

Queen Mary 2 arrives in Southampton on Boxing Day, 2003

The Queen is due to name the ship at a ceremony in Southampton this Thursday (2004-01-0Cool. Will the bottle of campagne break, or will it become manifest this, too, is a jinxed ship?