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Is the internet a good thing or a bad thing (aol)

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Is the internet a good thing or a bad thing (aol)

I have seen the AOL /discuss ads on tv quite a lot lately and I have found them very thought provoking and deep, just wondering how other people feel about them, do you think the internet is a good or bad thing?

I personally find it a great thing, however with all great things come bad things and all great things have flaws!

If you have no idea what i am on about then the links to the adverts are below:

The Internet Is a bad thing

The Internet is a good thing
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Is the internet a good thing or a bad thing (aol)

I for one think it's a good thing & the positives far outweigh the negatives. I saw a clip on the news last night about students favouring search engines to research their courses rather than going to libraries & looking to books for the answers. I personally see nothing wrong with this, I went to school in the 60s & I'm all for the technology at youngsters (or anyones come to that) fingertips how brilliant it would have been for my generation to have had all that in our schools/colleges/unis. Incidently, did anyone see the prog about Google last evening on BBC2, I found it facinating but also worrying to certain extent especially the fact that Google has a record of every web search your machine has ever made (& I thought Bill Gates ruled the world!!) :shock:

Chris Cole
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Is the internet a good thing or a bad thing (aol)

I knew that they collected the data but I didnt realise the kept it for so long and they kept the times and dates you searched, if you use google personalised you are able to get a search history that goes back months and months and includes every site you have visited!

I am very glad that they have so far said no to the demands of the US Government as handing this kind of info over could be detrimental to Google in terms of users trust.

Like most Web sites, our servers automatically record the page requests made when users visit our sites. These "server logs" typically include your web request, Internet Protocol address, browser type, browser language, the date and time of your request and one or more cookies that may uniquely identify your browser.

Here is an example of a typical log entry where the search is for "cars", followed by a breakdown of its parts: - 25/Mar/2003 10:15:32 - - Firefox 1.0.7; Windows NT 5.1 - 740674ce2123e969

* is the Internet Protocol address assigned to the user by the user's ISP; depending on the user's service, a different address may be assigned to the user by their service provider each time they connect to the Internet;
* 25/Mar/2003 10:15:32 is the date and time of the query;
* is the requested URL, including the search query;
* Firefox 1.0.7; Windows NT 5.1 is the browser and operating system being used; and
* 740674ce2123a969 is the unique cookie ID assigned to this particular computer the first time it visited Google. (Cookies can be deleted by users. If the user has deleted the cookie from the computer since the last time s/he visited Google, then it will be the unique cookie ID assigned to the user the next time s/he visits Google from that particular computer).

From Google Privacy Policy