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Is Plus unlimited?


Is Plus unlimited?

Does the Plus package have any download limits?
I thought it didnt, just making sure.


SUP Ivan

Hi jamie,

Well its a wee bit simplistic to say F9 Plusnet have a limit or that its unlimited on braodband plus. Have a look at this link and I think it explains it better than I can.


Is Plus unlimited?

cyteck - the sustainable usage policy only seems to apply to Premier, there doesnt seem to be a policy for plus as I can see it. However with the large amounts of packet shaping on plus, has it not been designed so that its difficult to use *that* much bandwidth? Is it that only surplus bandwidth is allocated to plus users for downloading peer to peer and binary news groups? Though I believe they have put some mechanisms in to allow them to always get some - possibly 12KB/s I dont know.

As far as I can tell Jamie, Plus is good for low usage applications (email, web, gaming, normal program updates, etc), but downloading is heavily restricted so if you plan on doing a lot of that Broadband Plus is not worth your time.

Hope that helps.