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Is Outlook Express 6 changing my settings?


Is Outlook Express 6 changing my settings?


I have my f9 email account setup within Outlook Express 6 and, bar a few problems which i sorted myself, It's been working fine, until now. When i try to send email from my f9 email account, OE brings up an error saying it can't.

The reason is that in the "Servers" tab of the "Accounts" window, the server for the outgoing email server has been changed from to "localhost". OE appears to be changing this, though I didn't think it was possible for a program to change it's own options. When I enter "" back into the outgoing email server box, the email is sent without a problem. Is it Outlook Express 6 changing my settings, and if so, how can I stop it?

PS. This is affecting both my email accounts (the second with a separate ISP), not just my f9 one.
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Is Outlook Express 6 changing my settings?


Do you have any anti-virus software? And is this set to check your email?

If so then it will this that is modifying the settings so that it can scan the mail for any viruses.