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I have been the one in our house tasked with keeping us on the right phone and internet provider. And i must say my stay here @ PN has been a good one.

My (the families) account will remain active here for the foreseeable future unless somethin really drastic happens.

However i am moving out Cheesy and my new place needs a fone line installed and broadband activated.

I realise this thread cud get locked even deleted if i am not careful in my choice of words Tongue i do not wish to turn this into an adverisement for other ISP's - rather, i would appreciate an open and honest discussion on what other ISP's have on offer and ultimatley why i shud activate my brand new fone line in my brand new abode with dear ol PN.

I have been looking around, some companies have peaked my interest ie. Aquiss, whilst others like Pipex jus seem too good to be true.

I have been with plusnet (and remember this account is staying with plusnet its a brand spanking new one i am considering here) for years and am familiar thier FUP DL limits and the rest, however i do fear the BT merger somewhat as i have been with BT many many moons ago and never ever wana go back there.

There is an old saying "You are better with the devil you know".

So dear reader if u are stil with me Tongue cud u provide an open and honest comparison between Plusnet and another ISP?

And if any PN guys fancy sticking thier ore in, the one thing that worries me is that someday in the not to distant future is that i cud type an get redirected to the BT Broadband homepage.

so why should i start my new life and internet account with plusnet?

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I would suggest that most people on this forum aren't the best to ask since they are either happy with or resigned to staying with PlusNet or they are trying to escape to ISPs they hope (but don't know) will be an improvement

I am heavily biassed in favour of moving to Be but this isn't an option for someone in Ireland yet! I would suggest you have a look at and in particular look at the various comments people have posted about the ISPs you might be interested in including those comments made by PlusNet customers (you can assess whether their views chime with yours!)
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Which part of Ireland as a certain cable company could be interesting?


I would take the opportunity to move from PN asap. The mental DL limits that they put on you is just silly...


i'd stay with plusnet from my experience there has been no problems what so ever, i know many friends on other isp's and they all complain that things aren't working or that they keep getting disconnected.
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Isn't Broadband a bit like TV used to be? If you are old enough to remember TV wasn't reliable when it first started out.