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I wanted to cancel my service with force 9


I wanted to cancel my service with force 9

I wanted to cancel my service with force 9 as I haven't had a service virtually at all since I became a customer on November 5th and have been let down on numerous occasions. The customer support response was slow and when they did respond they gave poor answers or bad excuses.

Today, force 9 rang me and gave a detailed explanation of what had gone wrong with my service and made it clear they valued customer "partnership". They apologised and made a commitment to resolve my problems, including the dodgy filters that I had been sent. I must admit they convinced me.

Obviously, I can only wait and see if they follow through with their promises. However, they have impressed me with their new courtesy and ability to listen.

I hope that they have learnt from this experience that a customer that is "supported" and listened to is a great ally.

I appreciate your ability to empathise once more Force 9 and the humility to say sorry.

You have won my trust again and the awful scenario is hopefully over. But you'd better watch out :eek: if you fail to deliver.

Can I just say that Matt Saunders who I spoke to should show his colleagues how to approach and talk to customers. He was very good and deserves recognistion for his effort.


PS: Roll eyes Thanks Ivan for your comments too they were appreciated.