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I'm in the money!


I'm in the money!

Great news, Some bloke in Nigeria wants to give me a 25% share of 26 million US Dollars. How lucky I am!

Seriously, does anyone know how the scam works? He's asking for bank details but surely that's not enough to pull a fraud. What do they do next?


Yep!! The police and cybercrime (hightech UK cyber crime dept new scotland yard) know ALL about this one. Its been extremely well documented, the one you've been sent is probably just yet another variation on the same theme.

Basically without going into huge detail, it involves trying to get you to disclose your bank account or credit card details. So that a supposedly large amount of cash can be money laundered through your account. And as a reward you will be offered 5% or was it 10% of the amount to be tranferred. Only the truth is that if your naive enough to fall for this its the whole of your account funds that will be cleaned out in one fell swoop.

Its called the 915 or 996 scam or something like that but its well known. One sucker in the USA had several thousands of dollars taken from his account in the early days of this scam. Press the delete key immediately if I was you, dont give it house room.