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I'm an idiot and I want to host videos


I'm an idiot and I want to host videos


I'm sure it's been asked before and I have done a search but can't find any info, I want to host some videos on my webspace (nothing dodgy just some car vids) but I upload the vids through FTP fine, now I can't view them when I link to the location where I think they should be i.e."videos" do I need apache running in my webspace or Mysql.

I feel like a right idiot, surely it must be something silly i'm not doing

any help appreciated, cheers
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I'm an idiot and I want to host videos


Don't feel like an idiot, everyone's there once Smiley
Did you create a folder called "videos" (with the quote marks) or just one called videos? If there aren't quote marks in the folder name, then you don't need them in the URL you're linking with.
However, it appears there isn't even a folder called htdocs on your webspace (I just tried going to the URL), I'm not sure how the F9 space works so I can't really help with that Sad

I can't really say much more until you give a little more detail about where exactly you're uploading everything to.

Good luck anyway, Smiley

On site Video playing it

Hello heliosbluemk2,

OK video on a website apart from the previous problem with folders & FTP and the correct paths (URL etc) I think there are two ways of doing this speaking in general terms. 1) you can make the video file or files available for site visitors to download and save to their local disk to play back later using a player such as windows media player or 2) if you DONT want or need visitors to download the video file then I strongly suspect that you then need a player that sits on your website so that when a viewer clicks on the video file link you've created the file then plays ONLY within the player you've provided on your site (in other words the viewer cannot download the file) and the file can only be played from or off your site using the player you provided on the web page.

**Here is a very very good example of this kind of thing but this example uses a sound file not a movie file but the same principal applies I think.

Hope this helps, PS: I'm not a programmer so I cannot explain how you enbedd the player on your website but I'm confident that this is how you do it though.


Re: I'm an idiot and I want to host videos

Quote"videos" points to the Apache web folder htdocs, so you don't need that in your url.



I'm an idiot and I want to host videos

Yey looks like I got it working, thanks for the help guys, all i needed to do was stick a videos folder in the htdocs folder and dump my stuff in there, knew it was something real simple, thanks for the help Wink