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I am satisfied...


I am satisfied...

After 1 month with the Free-Online, my ADSL experience is fantastic. Enormous download/upload speeds and I connect @ 1st time.

My modem it's only a generic Conexant PCI ADSL Modem
and 10 metres of RJ11-RJ11 cable...but...UAU...what can I say! An excellent service from Free-Online.

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RE: I am satisfied...

What can I say, except, "likewise". I have had a couple of problems, I suspect mostly of my own making, but the service has been excellent, with a tech. response very quickly. I moved over from Freeserve, where the level of service is minimal or very expensive

RE: I am satisfied...

Thanks Guys - It's this sort of feedback that put a smile on the face of everyone employed here!


Ian Wild
FOL Customer Support
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RE: I am satisfied...

Having very few problems with PCI ADSL other than the FO supplied modem being stolen from the Parcel Force van and having to buy one (not from PC World who wanted £69 for one). Two main problems so far :-

1. if there is a hitch when using Win2K pro it "loses" the modem, requiring a reinstall and two reboots.

2. SuSE 8.1 linux identifies the modem but will not connect at all. May set up connection sharing and download all updates onto my spare linux box. Anyone any other ideas on this one.