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How to access your system from elsewhere

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How to access your system from elsewhere

Hi All

I have a DVR with lan on I have linked it into my network and i can see and operate it from any of my wired and wireless comps. Right here is a question for all you boffinfs? How do i access it from another comp that is on another network or connected directly to the internet pls? My network is connected to the internet is via a Linksys Wag-354g, Any help would be very helpful


How to access your system from elsewhere

Hello Andy,

To give access (i.e. inbound access) from another network you would need to know the specific IP address of your router (i.e. the WAN IP of your Linksys Wag-354g). Ontop of this you would need to know which ports are involved in allowing the service you wish to use, because each webs service uses a specific port number (such as port 80 is http, email pop3 uses port 110 & SMTP 25, etc

(note: there are a total of 65,500 potential ports)

**If you explained what a DVR with Lan is that might help instead of expecting the whole world to know already?? I've no idea what a DVR is frankly & I have many many years in the IT business it could be anything for all I know.

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How to access your system from elsewhere

DVR = Digital Video Recorder - I imagine

You will probably be accessing it on port 80 (via a web browser); log into your router and go to the port forwarding page, then enable the port 80 translation entering the local IP address of the DVR.

You will then be able to access it from anywhere using your main external IP address.
Make sure the DVR is password protected otherwise anyone could access it and change or delete settings or files.