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How to Host 2 osCommerece shops on 1 database, a fix:


How to Host 2 osCommerece shops on 1 database, a fix:

Hi everybody. I use a free piece of software called osCommerce, some of you will be familiar with it. Anyway for those who don't know, it is a FREE, ready made e-commerce package which uses MySQL and PHP.

Anyway it automatically creates the SQL tables and such. Only 1 problem which I came across after setting up 1 shop, I wanted to use it for another shop on the same webspace. Of course we only get 1 database. I asked F9 for a second but they cannot do this at present. So as osCommerce creates tables automatically and names them, I thought I couldnt make a second shop as it would have duplicated table names and it wouldnt work. Well for anybody who wants to do similar but doesn't know how, I found a fix (for anybody who needs one). I'm posting this here in case it helps others with the same problem. Now you can host as many shops as you want, using the same osCommerce software, as long as you have enough webspace I guess. Here is the fix, (about half way down the page on the right hand side, download the fix):,1358
One thing, it would be wise to make sure each oscommerce folder has a different name I would imagine!!

I hope this helps somebody!

I will not check back to this post, so if anybody wishes to contact me you will have to email.


The keywords below are just to help other people find this post if they ever search for similar, as Im sure this post will dissapear into the archives farily soon.:
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