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How much?

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Registered: 30-07-2007

How much?

Just flicking through a few computer mags in Tesco (while the missus chooses cushions and stuff) when I realised how much some of the mags were going for. Some of them are retailing for £6.50 - for a bloody magazine.

Now am I being Mr tightwad or has anyone else noticed the steep rise in pennies for these mags? I wouldnt mind but every mag appears to be regurgatating the same stuff, ie 101 fixes for your to make windows faster.

Anyway....yes darling the blue ones are lovely!

How much?

hence why I use high speed broadband, who needs magazines Cheesy £6.50 for a maggie is a ripoff in my book. (no pun intended)
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How much?

Makes £21.99 for 30GB of data seem cheap Wink
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How much?


Interesting to compare the cost of "hard copy " information, to the cost of that same information accessed on-line.

So ...... anybody got any thoughts on how many Mb's /Gb's would be in a copy of Computer Buyer / Computeractive or more importantly for me, a copy of Woman's Own.

Obviously the format / compression will influence the size but would anyone like to offer a guesstimation.

I'd luv to be able to tell the missus that for £**.99 a month I can download **** copies of her fav' female mags.

Oooops ...I've just thought about printing costs.