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How long does isdn to adsl take


How long does isdn to adsl take


Just ordered my broadband now that my exchange has finally been enabled, unfortunately it seems that mine will take longer as the isdn needs to be removed first.

Now 10 days was the closest allowed appointment for the Bt engineer to remove isdn, so does that mean my broadband date will then be the 7-10 days after that date? Or is it only a couple of days after the Bt guy has been?

As you can probably tell I cant wait Cheesy to finally get a decent connection.

I want it now, now, now........

How long does isdn to adsl take

Assuming you have either an ISDN2 or a homehighway box, the BT engineer will need to change you're faceplate, run some tests then go to the exchange to re terminate your line, then he'll come back and verify that you have ADSL Smiley

Untill you've got ADSL he won't leave as you're an ISDN customer and, as such, are subject to the ISDN SLA which means compensation for downtime.

That's what happened to me Smiley

How long does isdn to adsl take

Great Cheesy cant wait Wink
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How long does isdn to adsl take


I had homehighway it was all sorted within a few hours and a few trips for the engineer to the exchange deactivating homehighway ,
testing line with his laptop then installing new faceplate then turning on the adsl then his last test Cheesy

Bet they love these change overs