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How do I change DNS Settings?


How do I change DNS Settings?

Before I can transfer in my domain name (, I need to change my DNS settings. How do i do this?

DNS Settings changing.


OK good question, so to change your DNS settings (assuming your running windows of some kind), goto

Start Button, Start Menu, settings, control panel, (within control panel) look for network connections, within

network connections you should have an item here that relates to your internet connection (mine's called

Ivans F9 for example), next highlight the item that relates to your internet connection i.e. right click with your

mouse, from the small floating menu that appears now, select "properties", you should now see a dialogue

box which has a number of tabs along the top, such as general,security, options,networking,advanced.

Next select the "networking tab", on this tab there should be two items displayed "Type of dialup server I

am calling" such as: PPP, windows 95/98/NT4/2000,internet and below this "This connection uses the

following items, such as TCP/IP, QOS packet sheduler,File & printer sharing for MS networks, & Client for

MS networks.

Now highlight Internet protocol (TCP/IP) with your mouse and now select properties from the button that

should be present in the lower right on this page. Next this now displays the page called "general" where

you can now change your connections DNS settings. On mine it shows two items 1) obtain an IP address

dynamically (server assigns this by itself without control from you) or static IP where you put your own IP

given to you via F9. Next below this is a radio button that shows Preferred DNS server (ie. your primary

DNS server) and Alternate DNS server (i.e. secondary DNS server), be careful when changing the IP

address's of these servers make sure that you DO write in the numbers correctly as this is VITAL any error

here makes internet use almost impossible. Your web connection relies on these IP address.

The IP's need to be written as exactly the following format:- 212. 159. 11.150 for example or xxx. xxx. xxx.


**Once you have changed your DNS servers, click the OK button & you will have to reboot your system

inorder for the changes to become effective, this is standard in all most all windows versions with Microsoft


Hope this helps Ivan

How do I change DNS Settings?


The question should have been "How do I change the nameservers for my domain?"

Which, of course, you don't do by changing the name servers your PC uses for looking up names.

To change the nameservers for your domain (you need to change them to and -- upper and lower case are equivalent in host names, so it doesn't matter which you use), you need to go back to the registrar (the "registration agent") through whom you registered the domain name.

Hopefully, they will have some sort of domain management tool which will allow you to change the nameservers. The exact tool is different from one registrar to another -- essentially, it's their own bespoke software, at least the front-end, visible to users, is -- so it's not possible to give you precise details of what steps to take, but it should be reasonably clear on the tool they provide.

If there is no such tool,, you'll have to contact the registrar and ask them to change the nameservers for you.

Once done, if you look up your domain using WHOIS, you should see the changed name servers are recorded for the domain.

Alternatively, if you give the change a day or two to propagate, you could use a domain query tool, such as dig or nslookup, to check the entry. For example, on Windows (which supplies only nslookup):
    prompt>nslookup -
    Default Server:

    set type=ns

    Non-authoritative answer: nameserver = nameserver = internet address = internet address =

Note that your domain name is "". "" is a specific host computer (named "www") within that domain.

By changing the nameservers for your domain to the Force9 nameservers, you will be able to request what the portal calls a "DNS only" transfer in of your domain: in other words, you will host your domain on Force9, but you're choosing not to pay Force9 for renewals of the domain registration -- all that stays with your current registrar, who will possibly (probably?) charge less than Force9.

When the transfer-in has been completed by the Force9 support people, the host will refer to the Force9 homepages server (so instead of writing to reach your webspace people could use instead -- you can modify this behaviour through the Force9 domain management tool). Similarly, email addressed to <something> will map to the same mailbox as you currently have for <something>

Actually, looking at the WHOIS information for the domain, I see the IPS tag has been changed to FORCE9, which means the domain is in a state where a FULL transfer in to Force9 can be completed (ie both hosting and billing are through Force9). Personally, I would recommend the DNS-only (ie partial) transfer in of the domain, assuming the present registrar is cheaper than Force9 (though if you're entitled to a £1 per month domain registration, there's obviously not going to be a lot in it). By changing the IPS tag to FORCE9, you've indicated to the present registrar that you're about to move to a different registrar. Personally (and this is assuming they are cheaper than the Force9 £1 per month), I would get the tag changed back to the registrar's own tag, which seems to be BRIGHTVIEW, and just change the nameservers, so you can do a DNS-only transfer in to Force9.


Hi Tasky,

Yep! fair comment!!

Ivan :roll:

How do I change DNS Settings?

Thanks for the endorsement, Ivan!

Looking at this further still, I see the person may not be in a position to leave his domain where it is, in that it seems it may be related to an account at a previous ISP, and that he's changing ISPs, and is therefore forced to move his domain? I'm not sure if that's the case exactly, but it seems it may be.

If so, I think this shows an advantage of keeping domains away from your ISP. If you change ISP, you don't have the same degree of complications with any domains you own.

So the options available to "thefrostfamily" may now be either:
  • A full transfer of the domain "" to Force9.
  • A full transfer of "" to some third-party registrar, followed by a partial transfer (DNS-only) to Force9 in order to take advantage of the hosting features provided free on Force9
In other words, the particular circumstances of the "thefrostfamily" do not allow him to leave the domain with the present registrar; a full transfer from that registrar has to be made.

Although it's more work, I would suggest the second of the two options I've outlined above -- a full transfer to a third-party registrar, followed by a DNS-only transfer in to Force9. Ultimately, this will provide more flexibility for the future, avoiding this sort of problem if you change ISP again, and, if you select your new registrar carefully, your domain registration renewals can be cheaper than Force9's £1 per month offer (and substantially cheaper than their standard price). Doing this, though, will mean the IPS tag will have to change from the present FORCE9 which is shown in the WHOIS information. Most third-party registrars will give you a "free" one year extension to your domain registration in return for transferring in to them, which will probably offset the cost involved.

One registrar I've used is 123-Reg, now part of Pipex, apparently. They have help information for transferring in your domain to them, and their domain management tool definitely allows manipulation of nameserver records, which is what you need to set the domain so it's ready for the subsequent DNS-only transfer in to Force9. The Force9 part of this will then have to be requested through the Contact us system. (You'll see there's a specific path for this DNS-only type of domain transfer process within "Contact us".)

I'm sure other people will be happy to recommend their own favourite registrars...

DNS and Domains

Hello Again,

Yes! I agree very much with "Task", as I understand this issue, its who holds your domain name TAG that matters in this regard. I have a domain registered with (based here in leeds, I have found them to be both helpful, reliable and very professional when it comes to domains and registration). Force9 host my domain name. And I think if you register your domain with a third party registrar it does from my experience seem to make life abit easier.


How do I change DNS Settings?

Its amazing what you learn just by reading this forum, I have been trying to figure out for a few days now how to do the dns only transfer, should have looked here sooner :lol:

One question, when I finally work my way through the wizard for the transfer it asks for ....

Please complete the box below with all the information that is required for our engineers to complete your domain transfer, ensuring you include the domain name in question.

Now other than the domain name what else do they need to know?


How do I change DNS Settings?

Right, after digesting all that information, I think I know what I need to do next.

Firstly, I will change to a third party agent and then request a DNS-only transfer in to Force 9; but before I can do this I need to change my DNS settings by contacting my previous registration agent. Since I transferred my domain from my previous ISP ( they changed the Tag to FORCE9, so I presume that the hosting of my domain is no longer their responsibility.
So I have to go back to the registrar, Nominet, and submit a nameserver change request (for the agent of my choice) to their automaton by sending an email (explained in more detail at: Then, if I understand correctly, I'll be able to transfer my domain to the third party agent of my choosing. Am I doing the right thing?

How do I change DNS Settings?

"abellingham": I recently requested a DNS-only transfer-in of a ".com" domain. This required a Contact us ticket to be raised requesting the transfer to be performed by Force9 support staff. Prior to raising the ticket, I had changed the nameservers for the domain, using the registrar's domain management tool. (The registrar I use for that domain is DomainsNext, which charges $11.95 per year for registration.)

The path on Contact us (I think that's what you probably mean by the "wizard") starts: New Query -> Technical Support (Except Connection Problems - See below) -> Domain Names -> Transfering an existing domain name in to host on my account

At this point you have to choose a path depending on whether your domain is a ".uk" domain or any other top level domain (mine, being a ".com" domain required the "Any other domain name" route) and then "Manual Transfer (DNS Only Hosting) " which finally provides a text entry box for the information, which is where I think you'd got to.

This is the text I entered into the box for my domain:

Please perform a ***partial*** transfer-in of the domain:


The nameservers for this domain have been changed to the two Force9 nameservers.

The contact information remains unchanged; I do not wish to be billed, etc, etc, for this domain by Force9.

Perhaps a bit over-the-top, but they did exactly what I wanted without requiring any further information from me.

How do I change DNS Settings?

"thefrostfamily": Yes, I suspect you're right about your domain. Because the IPS tag is now FORCE9, I don't think your present registrar (= "registration agent" in other terminology) is in a position to change it anymore. But before trying Nominet, I'd ask if they can still change it, and failing that, Force9, who are now the tag holders, because that's probably going to be easier for you if that route is still available. Whoever changes it, it needs to be set to the tag used by the registrar you've decided upon (so you need to know who that is, and what their IPS tag is).

Don't worry about the nameservers at this stage. Once the domain's been transferred to the new registrar, then is the time to deal with the nameservers, and you can log on to their domain management facility and change the nameservers to the Force9 ones. When that's been done, you're ready to raise the Contact us ticket with Force9 to get the DNS-only transfer undertaken.

If you do decide on 123-reg, their IPS tag is HOSTEUROPE, and they will charge £4.99 to transfer a ".uk" domain to them. You'll need to open an account with them (which is free, so you can do that up-front with no commitment to going further), then, once the IPS tag has been changed, log on to their system, and invoke the process to transfer in the domain. At this point they will ask for credit/debit card details so they can collect the £4.99 fee. You will receive an email at the "Administrative Contact" for the domain (so make sure it's an email address where you will receive the email) requesting authorisation of the transfer process, and within a few days the transfer should have taken place, and you can do the nameserver bit and start the Force9 ball rolling. It will be the new registrar which bills you for the normal renewals of the domain registration.

How do I change DNS Settings?

Another registrar you might like to check out is 1and1. I received their pamphlet with a PC a few days ago and they're advertising "" domains from £1.99 per year (looks like that's £1.99 + VAT).

How do I change DNS Settings?

Hi task,

Thanks for that, Ive got my domain successfully pointing to my force9 webspace now, all I have to do is build the website :lol:

As for 123 I can highly recommend them, I have purchased 3 domains with them over the last few years, very easy to use them and they do offer a small referral program it doesnt pay much but every penny helps Wink


How do I change DNS Settings?

Glad to hear your domain's now transferred.

If you haven't seen it already, you may be interested in reading through the thread Can this be done? which contains a fair bit of detail about how domains work on Force9. It's quite a long read, but some of it may be of use to you.