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How can I hide my e-mail address on my site?


How can I hide my e-mail address on my site?


Just set up a really basic website yesterday and want to have my feedback form linked to my e-mail address. However, I understand that spammers can get hold of my address this way - is there a way to hide the address?

Also, does anyone have any links to GIF animations for an email button?



How can I hide my e-mail address on my site?

Are you using the pre- written F9 scripts or have you got access to your cgi- bin? If the latter, the formmail script from NMS allows you to place an alias in the from coding which it then references against within the script. e.g. <input type="HIDDEN" name="recipient" value="1"> instead of <input type="HIDDEN" name="recipient" value="">



How can I hide my e-mail address on my site?

If your e-mail address is not available on the viewable page or in the html code that you see when you select View then Source in Internet Explorer, then spam bots can't get it. More general advice on avoiding getting your address on spam lists follows:


What you definitely shouldn't do is use the mailto: function - this is the most common way in which spam bots get hold of e-mail addresses because by using this command you've told them that what follows is a valid e-mail address.

The simple alternatives are:

1) to use a feedback form instead of an e-mail address on your site - this will require a bit of technical knowledge for setting up the server (which F9 can help you with) and looking up FORM elements on an HTML guide.

2) to type the e-mail address as

yourname at (replace at with the @ symbol)

3) to encode some or all of the e-mail address in HTML code characters instead of text.

hence "hello" encodes as "hello" You need to write this in the raw HTML document and it will display as "hello" on the webpage.

A good article on the topic, which recommends similar approaches, is:

How can I hide my e-mail address on my site?

Thanks for your help...going to have a look at them all and see which is easiest.

How can I hide my e-mail address on my site?

Hm, the clever F9 software re-encoded my second 'hello' back into normal text. That wasn't meant to happen! The second 'hello' was meant to be a list of &#number; codes for each letter! Anyway, if you follow the link, you'll see what I mean.

Hide e-mail

You can use a small JavaScript to write it for you.

Where you want the e-mail address, put the following script snippet into the html
<script type="text/javascript">fLiame(sLiame1, sLiame2)</script>

Replace sLiame1 with the bit of the e-mail before the '@' (in quotes), and
replace sLiame2 with the bit of the e-mail after the '@' (in quotes), but remember the trick - sLiame1 & sLiame2 are written backwards so if you had, sLiame1 is "eoj" and sLiame2 is "ku.oc.sgolb".

Place this into the head of your page, or add the code into your default '.js' file for that page.
<script type="text/javascript">

var sTa = String.fromCharCode(((6*10)+4));
function fLiame(sLiame1, sLiame2)
var sLiame = '>a/<';
sLiame += sLiame2 + sTa + sLiame1 + '>';
sLiame += sLiame2 + sTa + sLiame1 + ':otliam"=ferh a<';
var nL = sLiame.length - 1;
for (var c = nL; c >= 0; --c)

All this does is join the bits together and write them backward (which is now forwards) onto the page, but the html code only shows the script not the e-mail address. Since you can change the function and variable names ('Liame') to anything you prefer, it would be almost impossible for the e-mail to be picked up by spammers because they wouldnt know what to look for.

To stop spammers looking for the @ in script, I use
but replace 64 with a little sum, e.g. 2*32, 8*8, (6*10) + 4 etc!

By the way, did you notice my little bit of humour with the function & variable names - 'Liame'?