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How Does Static IP 0845 ADSL Backup Work?


How Does Static IP 0845 ADSL Backup Work?

Hello all,

As others might be interested, I thought that I'd post this in here rather than on contact us!

Due to ASDL downtime, I recently tried to use the 0845 number that F9 gives for ADSL backup. Cleverly, they (theoretically) allocate you the same static IP when you dial-up as your normal ADSL IP. Great in theory! But I've got several IPs: I use one for a mail server and one for web surfing. When I dial up, I cannot specify the IP address in network settings -- I must use "dynamic IP allocation" -- and only ever get allocated the gateway IP address.

This poses a problem: how do we get the mail server on the right IP address?

An obvious solution would be to get a laptop to replace the BT modem/router in our network (connect to the WAN with the modem, and pass the static IPs out of the NIC) use a cheap map box to NAT the websurfing and map the external mail sever IP to an internal IP.

But I can't see a way of stopping Windows insiting on doing NAT!

What I really want it to do is dial-up with its modem, give itself the gateway IP address, then squirt out our static IPs on its NIC.

Is there any way of doing this? Doesn't seem much point having backup if not!

Alternatively, is there any way of establishing several dial-up connections and actually forcing the IP addresses to their original static ones?